Tymhorau Dyfi Member – Kate Fenhalls

Grower, cook and local food champion

Kate Fenhalls, of Melindwr, a smallholding in Eglwys Fach, is primarily a grower who aims to provide access to locally grown food for the community, in a way which is uncompromisingly sustainable, for both nature and the human beings who share the land. 

This means using chemical free, agroecological growing methods, and paying workers over minimum wage, contributing to the balance of the ecosystem as well as the local economy. 

Kate is part of a grower-led veg box scheme, and supports her fellow growers in the Dyfi Valley to use their produce in ways which add value, reducing waste and creating valuable additional income streams.

Growing ingredients – simple, healthy and delicious food from the Dyfi Valley

As well as selling her vegetables via the veg box (and novel seasonal products such as beautiful onion and garlic plaits), Kate focuses on growing ingredients, produce which can be used in creative ways to feed the community. 

She asks the question: What simple processes can we use to add value, both monetary and health wise, to raw ingredients? How can we make use of gluts, or recover from failed crops?

Kate has built links with other growers, pooling resources and working towards ensuring food security for the community.

Seasonal cawl at Tymhorau Dyfi

Kate has worked with other Dyfi Valley growers to create a line of simple vegan friendly and naturally gluten free vegetable soups. Ingredients will depend on what’s in season and will focus on using up gluts to avoid waste. 

Drop by the Tymhorau Dyfi shop to pick up some cawl for tea, or extend your culinary prowess with Kate’s incredible leek ash. For more info just…