Tymhorau Dyfi is a collective of growers and artisans, passionate about land use and sustainable livelihoods and crafts

Using materials which are grown sustainably methods that support biodiversity and the local ecosystem, Tymhorau Dyfi members work with the land and with nature. We don’t use chemical fertilisers or pesticides which can harm soil life, insects and the birds and mammals which feed on them, and we use sustainable methods to harvest wood for our baskets and woodwork products. 

Our meat producers care for their animals using practices which support the environment. They often choose heritage breeds which have been bred for generations to thrive in our climate, meaning the animals spend their lives outside in the beautiful Cymraeg countryside, living a more natural life, and require less grain and other inputs, cutting down on the travel miles of your food. 

As well as supporting nature, we’re also passionate about people and community. Part of our mission is to create a route to market for local growers, makers and craftspeople, supporting their work and keeping the local economy thriving.

Handmade products from the Dyfi Valley

As well as a passion for sustainable land use, Tymhorau Dyfi members want to promote local products made by local people, providing a route to market for craftspeople here in the Dyfi Valley and further afield around Cymru. Buying from independent businesses keeps more money in the community, meaning that together we’ll help Machynlleth continue to be the thriving, bustling town we know and love.

Tymhorau Dyfi Memberships

If you’re a land worker, grower, craftsperson or artist and would like to see your products in our Machynlleth shop, get in touch about joining the Tymhorau Dyfi members team, we’d love to hear from you. 

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